Choosing the best Rehabilitation centre in Islamabad

Addiction and mental health challenges are difficult, but every time, there is hope. Suppose your loved one is trying to get therapy and wants to move towards recovery. In that case, choosing the right rehabilitation centre in Islamabad is the most important thing you can do. This blog is about guiding you in selecting the right rehabilitation centre

Clarity on the Challenges 

The first step is to clarify the specific challenges you or your loved one are facing. Here are some important factors to consider.

  • Type of Addiction: it is important to know what kind of addiction you or your loved one is facing. It includes the different types of drugs (heroin, cocaine, prescription medications), alcohol, gambling, internet addiction or any other addiction. It’s better to have specific knowledge about the substance or behaviour to help you find the right rehabilitation centre in Islamabad. 
  • Severity of Addiction: Another important factor to consider is the severity of addiction. Is the addiction mild, moderate or severe? It will figure out the intensity of the treatment needed. Moderate addictions can require outpatient treatment, which means that the person can go to therapy and support group meetings and still live at home
  • Mild addictions may be easily treated in outpatient programs where the clients attend the centre for treatment during the day but live independently, while moderate addictions may need the more intensive programs offered in inpatient programs where the clients live in the centre and attend treatment throughout the day. More serious addictions, especially those involving concurrent medical conditions or psychiatric disorders, may require a medically supervised detoxification process to avoid complications during the withdrawal process before entering a treatment centre.

Researching Rehabilitation Centres:

Understanding your needs can help you find the right rehabilitation centre in Islamabad. However, before getting treatment at the centres, consider additional things. 

  • Accreditation & Licensing: Before getting admitted to the rehab centre, the first important thing to do is to check its accreditation and licensing. Check whether the centre holds valid licenses from the Pakistan Narcotics Control Board (PNCB). Accreditation ensures that the centre meets international quality standards. 
  • Treatment Methods: Research the centre’s treatment methods and what kind of approaches they use. Look for that centres can focus on long-term recovery. This may include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy and strategies to stay away from relapse. 
  • Amenities and Facilities: Comfort should not be the only solution. A supportive environment can greatly impact recovery. Before considering any rehabilitation centre, consider the centre’s living conditions, amenities and overall atmosphere.  
  • Cost and insurance coverage: The treatment cost varies from centre to centre, as well as the services they offer. Choose the centre that charges you according to the facilities provided. Understanding the cost structure and verifying if your insurance covers any programs is better. 

Shortlisting and Verification:

It’s important to shortlist the important centres. Furthermore, verification can be carried out for the better. 

  • Read Reviews and Testimonials: Reviews and testifying or personal accounts can help get a feel for the client’s experience at the centre. Search for the reviews on the centre’s website and other sites that offer independent reviews on the rehab centres and social media groups of people in recovery. Paying attention to positive and negative comments is advisable, but the focus should be on the most frequent ones. 
  • Contact the Center: Contact the rehabilitation centre and inquire about the programs offered, staff credentials (therapists, doctors, and other personnel), admission procedures, fees, and the structure of a day in the centre. This will help you understand the centre, its staff, and how they work towards the recovery process. Be ready to question them about their experience handling your type of addiction or any related mental health disorder.
  • Virtual Tours: Some centres offer virtual tours that allow you to see the centres, the rooms where people live and the therapy rooms. This can be useful for understanding the centre and picturing yourself or a family member. If a virtual tour is not offered, inquire about more descriptions of the facilities, be bold and ask for pictures.


Always remember that choosing the right rehabilitation centre is the most important decision. To overcome any mental challenge you face, it’s better to research the most appropriate rehabilitation centre. Nishan Rehab is one of the leading rehabilitation centres in Islamabad, and it can fulfil all your requirements. Visit our centre in Islamabad or Multan to save your or your loved one life. 



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