How to Talk About Drug Use to Your Kids

Talk About Drug Use to Your Kids

Nishan Rehab Pakistan offers the following talking tips with your children related to drug use:

Be absolutely clear with your kids that you don’t want them using drugs.

Never, Ever, Anywhere, Don’t leave room for interpretation or assumptions. Talk often about the dangers and effects of alcohol and other drug use.

Be a better listener.

Ask questions and encourage questions from your child. Show your willingness to listen.

  • Give honest answers.

Don’t make up what you don’t know; offer to find out. If your children ask if you ever used drugs, let them know what’s important – that you don’t want them using alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

  • Use television news reports, commercials and school projects to talk about drugs.

You can use these “teachable moments” as a natural, unforced way to talk about your values and expectations.

  • Don’t react in a way that will cut off further discussion.

If your child makes statements that challenge or shock you, take a deep breath, listen and try to continue having a calm discussion.

  • Role play with your child and practice ways to refuse drugs in different situations.

Acknowledge how tough these moments can be. Together, come up with things your child can do or say with which he/she is comfortable.


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