Trip To Murree


Murree is basically a beautiful hill station which is situated on the boundary of Pakistan. This border is stretched from Punjab and goes all the way to Azad Kashmir. It is a great spot for tourism in summer. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit Murree at least once in their life, to see the real beauty of Pakistan. Murree is a real blessing from God to the people of Pakistan.

Murree has beautiful sceneries and attractive greenery atmosphere. Mountains covered with snow, valleys with fog, forests with heavy green trees and the weather, all these things make Murree an ideal place for tourists to visit.


Available routes for Murree

There are mainly four possible routes available for Murree. The first one is the old Murree Islamabad road through which you can reach Murree in just 1.30 hours. While 4-lane Expressway will take only one hour in total. These 2 routes are mainly used for going to Murree, since these routes are shorter than the other 2 available routes. The third route is a bit longer which passes through Nilore and goes all the way to Simli Dam. And the last route is even further exploratory which initiates from one point the ‘Monal restaurant’ which is in Islamabad, after driving that road part, you’ll find yourself driving on the ‘old Murree Road’ which requires heavy vehicles, since the roads are uneven and bumpy. It will be a matter of 3 hours to reach Murree if you pick this route. It is recommended to take a GPS device or GPS activated mobile phone with you so that you don’t lose the track.

Mall road

Mall road in Murree is the most populated place ever in this region. Tourists usually go there to have food and do shopping. The best time to visit Mall road is after the evening. The mall road is basically a hill which starts from the Post Office. You can go there till midnight. A variety of Pakistani foods are available at Mall road. You’ll have a good time going there; do visit once if you are going to Murree!

Chair lift and cable car

Murree is famous for its chair lift + cable car ride, which takes you to Patriata from New Murree (new murree is 15 KM away from old Murree). The distance between the two spots is about 7 KM. The whole are is covered with huge and dark forests. You will be charged at least Rs.500 for each person if you want to ride the chair lift and cable car. You will be able to see great sceneries’ from the top.

These were some of the main highlighted features of Murree. You must go there for at least once in your life time. It sure is an unforgettable place to visit!

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