How Long Does Cocaine Last in Your Body? 

Effects of Using Cocaine

Cocaine addiction is one of the most common drug addictions around the world. Cocaine consumption has numerous side effects. If one keeps consuming it, then it can even endanger his/her life.   When you consume cocaine, it doesn’t leave your system immediately. Rather, it stays in your body for a certain period. In this article, we […]

How A Rehab Center Can Help to Quit Drug Addiction in Pakistan? 

Quit Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can be cruel, and if not treated at the right time can even threaten one’s life. Thus one should quit drug consumption as soon as possible. But, quitting drugs is not an easy task. You may experience hallucinations, vomiting, and some other health issues.   In some cases, people start consuming drugs again due […]

Counseling and Therapy at the Best Rehabilitation Facility in Multan: What to Expect

Best rehabilitation Facility in Multan

We, at Nishan Rehab, are well aware of the significance of locating a recovery method that is both trustworthy and efficient. We are the best rehabilitation facility in the Multan area because we are dedicated to providing counseling and therapy of the highest possible caliber.  In this blog, we will discuss the things that you […]

Top 10 Signs That You or Someone You Know Needs Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

drug addiction rehabilitation

In today’s fast world, it’s really important to notice when someone might need help with drug issues. Using drugs doesn’t just affect the person doing them; it also impacts their family and friends. That’s why, at Nishan Rehab, we know how crucial it is to see the signs early and start making things better.  Life […]


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