How Long Does Cocaine Last in Your Body? 

Cocaine addiction is one of the most common drug addictions around the world. Cocaine consumption has numerous side effects. If one keeps consuming it, then it can even endanger his/her life.  

When you consume cocaine, it doesn’t leave your system immediately. Rather, it stays in your body for a certain period. In this article, we will discuss how long cocaine stays in your body. Besides, we will also discuss some factors that can make cocaine stay for a longer period in your body.  

What happens when you intake cocaine? 

When you intake cocaine, it hits you hard and you start feeling high in some minutes or seconds. The exact time depends on the way you choose to intake it. It can be consumed through snorting, smoking, or through injections. If you inject cocaine, you will start feeling its effects in a moment of seconds. But, if you snort it, it can take some time to work. Initially, cocaine was used to provide pain relief, but its use is highly discouraged now. It may give you temporary high feelings, but its side effects will not leave you this easily. Its side effects include hallucinations, anxiety, and pain. If consumed for a longer period, it can put your life in danger.  

How Long Does Cocaine Last in Our Body? 

As mentioned above, cocaine consumption can harm any person both mentally, and physically. Once consumed, it stays in your body for up to 4 days. It means that a drug test can diagnose drug abuse. How long it stays also depends on some factors, which we will discuss later in the article.  

Cocaine stays for different periods in different parts of your body. For instance, a drug test on hair can diagnose its consumption to 3 months. Likewise, cocaine consumption can be detected through your saliva test for up to 2 days. This time may vary depending on the factors, such as the quality of the cocaine, metabolism, etc. These factors are briefly discussed below: 

1. Quality of Cocaine: 

Cocaine stays in your body and can be longer or shorter depending on the quality of cocaine used. If a high-quality or pure form of cocaine is consumed, it may stay in your body for a longer period. A pure form of cocaine can have much more severe side effects than impure cocaine. Impure cocaine or low-quality cocaine stays in your system for a lesser period than pure cocaine.  

Besides, some other factors determine the stay period in your body. If you consume cocaine through snorting, it’s likely to stay longer in your body. If you consume it through injections, then it may stay there for a shorter period. 

2. Frequency of Intake 

Cocaine consumption can be identified through drug tests for up to 14 days. Because this is usually the period of its stay in your body. If you more frequently use drugs, then their stay can be longer. It means that you will be able to detect cocaine consumption for a longer period.  

How much cocaine you consume at one time also determines its stay period. If you consume too much cocaine at one time, then it will stay for a longer period. If you consume less cocaine, then it will stay for a shorter period. 

3. Metabolism 

Metabolism determines how slower or quicker one can get clear from cocaine. If someone’s metabolism works slowly, then it may take more time to get clear. 

3. Kidney Function 

If your kidneys are functioning properly, then cocaine may get eliminated earlier from your body. Because kidney function has a major role to play in this regard. If your kidney does not function properly, then it may take more time to eliminate from your body. 

4. Medical Conditions 

People with no medical problems are likely to eliminate cocaine earlier from their bodies. For instance, diabetes affects one’s metabolism system, and thus a diabetic person faces difficulty in eliminating cocaine earlier.  

5. Pregnancy 

Pregnant women may take more time to get clear because their metabolism system works slowly. While those who are not may get clear more quickly.  

Effects of Using Cocaine 

Cocaine is one of the cruelest drugs that can take one’s life. If someone uses cocaine for a longer period, it can damage his brain, and eventually lead to death. The effects of cocaine are impulsive, and you feel it as soon as you start snorting it. If you snort cocaine, it may give you a high of 15 to 30 minutes. While the duration may vary depending on the method used to intake it. 

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