How residential treatment centres can save lives? 

Both physical and mental health problems are a serious threat to a person’s life. Mental health issues are rising day by day in Pakistan, and many people are becoming victims of this issue. To avoid all these problems and catch the problem at an early stage, it is very necessary to get treated before it worsens. People are becoming depressed day by day, and they should seek help from residential treatment centres, which can save lives. These centres prioritise all mental health problems, and it’s better to visit them. 

What are the Residential treatment centres?

These centres are not only ordinary centres but also specific facilities which are built to provide therapy and to fulfil the rehabilitation needs of those who are facing serious mental health problems. These services are available full-time for the care of the patients. In Pakistan, Nishan Rehab is one of the leading residential treatment centres working in Islamabad and Multan as well for the care and support of people who are clinically depressed or face issues regarding mental health.

What services are provided at residential treatment centres?

At the residential treatment centres, there are different services given to people for their convenience and to discuss their important issues regarding their mental health. To care for mental health should be our top priority, and if someone sees that they are struggling with some sensitive matters, they need to see a therapist and get some sessions. The services include:

Therapy sessions 

Notice a person’s previous medical history to provide different kinds of therapy sessions. The therapy may be individual, group, family, or special therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and trauma-focused therapy. 

Giving Medicine

If someone is not treated with sessions, they can get help from medicines prescribed by the psychiatrist. This can help them manage their problems better. 

Training programs

In Pakistan, these residential treatment centres also include some training programs that teach people other skills to keep them engaged in fun and creative activities. This can help build better character and communication skills.

Nutritional Counselling  

A good diet also impacts a person’s mental health. The first priority should be stopping the use of drugs or other bad habits, and a person should also change their eating routine. It’s better to get tests done to overcome any deficiencies. 

Planning after treatment

If a person completes the residential programs, they can still get help from these centres for any issues. They could stop themselves from going to the state from where they returned. 

Pros of Residential Treatment Centres

At Nishan Rehab, the leading centre in Islamabad and Multan, Pakistan, there are several benefits of getting registered in these centres if someone is going through serious mental health disorders. These centres not only give hope but also a new chance to change a person’s life.

Continuous support 

These centres are operated throughout the day, so if someone faces an emergency, all the trained staff members are there to solve the problem and provide support in every way. This provides continuous monitoring and keeps the residents updated. 

Organise a Daily Routine

People who face mental health problems are not consistent with their daily routine; thus, they need someone who can organise a better routine and make a schedule for them. This will help them make better decisions and make them strict about following the rules and regulations as well. 

Clearing misconceptions about residential treatment centres 

People of old times especially feel hesitant to go to these centres. The reality is that these centres are really helpful in recovering from all the mental health issues and serious disorders for people of any age. In Pakistan, there were less awareness about these centres, but with the ongoing advancement, people are now more aware of these issues. 

Another misconception is that these centres keep the participants for a longer period of time, but the reality is that the person stays only for the duration of the therapy. Once they are fully recovered, they can return to their homes. It is necessary to consult a professional about the duration of the stay. 


Nishan Rehab, working in Multan and Islamabad, is fully determined to give the best support and treatment plans to people who are suffering from mental health problems. These problems could be life-threatening, so it’s better to take proper treatment at the start. A person should be able to become physically and mentally fit so that they can have a good impact on their family.



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